Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER  (Read 2642 times)
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Gary Stefanovsky) (223-1754): Vice-President Lori Leier  (527-2419): Secretary/Newsletter: Diana Harstad (751-0695):  Treasurer Mike Koch  (220-5581): Trustee: Vickie Gunsch (527-2134). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502
March 11   @ 6:00 Eagles Club   Mandan  ( meal @ 6:00  Meeting at 7::00 ) Reg. mtg.
May 15   @ Elk’s   Roughrider Car Show
May 21   run to Stoney Inn @ Garrison to meet with Minot Club
Buggies and Blues Weekend June 10 thru June 12 Mandan
July 14 thru 17   Corvette Rally Deadwood, South Dakota
Sept. 11   Fall Picnic @ J C Park on Century   in Bismarck
Sept. 22- 25   Fall Run   in Black Hills
                                                             February 12, 2016
                      Meeting Minutes for the February 12, 2016 meeting
The Feb. meeting of Corvettes of Dakota Territory meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at Eagles Club   in Mandan by President Gary Stefanovsky, with 26 members present.
Lori made motion to accept Secretaries minutes with corrections Bruce second the motion.  M/C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Treasurer’s report was given by Gary with a balance of $4194.28 with $90.00 of dues to be deposited and we receive .07 interest on our checking account.  Mary N. made motion to accept Treasurer’s report and Bill P. second it.  M/C
Old Business:
1.)    The Club discussed the fall run Sept 22-25, Gary told the group of the prices of the Hart Ranch.  They are $60.00 night for a Colt cabin and $70.00 nite for Colt 2 cabin.  Gary is going to check with Hart Ranch to see if  cabin’s have bathroom  facilities.  We will discuss this further at the March meeting. (Deadwood  is having major road construction near the Super 8 where we usually stay)
2.)   The By- laws are all signed now and Diana will mail hard copies to the officers.
3.)   Gary brought up for discussion the Minot Club would like to be included with our club for the Buggies and Blue event.  This is our club’s 40th year. The event is June 10th – 12th.  Paul C. said the Corvettes are the featured car this year. Paul brought up the subject of two cars for the tee shirt.  The club discussed this and Mary N. made a motion the cars will be C2 Ardean’s and C3 Gary S. Avie P. second the motion. M/C Ardean and Gary  are to get the pictures to Paul by Feb. 29. Paul stated these cars will lead the Parade, he also stated he will get the parking for the featured cars by the park on main street.
4.)   Gary also brought up the New President of the Minot Club would like to meet with our club at the Stoney Inn.  It was decided May 21st would be a good date. He said the Stoney Inn is under new management and they would serve a buffet to the clubs.  Gary will contact the Minot Club to arrange the details. Ray and Lisa Zerr said the Inn had changed management and had heard food and service was great now.
5.)   Gary presented former President Mary Scott with a plaque to thank her for her service as President the last two years.
6.)   Gary brought up the subject of the Corvette Rally.  Glenn S. gave a report on the situation of rooms at First Gold.  We couldn’t get rooms this year as they rented them to another group during that time. July 14-17.  Glenn contacted Cadillac Jacks to check availability and prices.  The price of the rooms are Thurs. $129.00/ night and Friday thru Sunday $169.00/ night , they have limited underground parking they charge for parking whether your under in the garage or parked outside.  The Spring Hills price is Thursday $179.00 and $194.00 for Friday thru Sunday.  They can accommodate more cars in the underground garage, but it is first come first serve.  Mike brought up in years past with that situation members pulled out of the runs in early afternoon to get parking.  It was the consensus of the group to check with the Lodge and maybe try to make a deal for the Corvette Rally and Fall  run. The Minot Club would like to travel down with us to South Dakota and possible share a block of rooms at the same hotel.  It was decided when we find out where we are staying we would pass the information along to them and they could lock in their block of rooms, so we wouldn’t be responsible for all.  Glenn will bring back his findings at the March Meeting.
7.)   Vicky informed the group the Roughrider Car Show is May 15 @ Elks. She had talked to the Chevy Car Club and there was discussion of the Corvette Club participating in the Roughrider Car Show events. Vicky and Mike G. and Mary and Mike N. will check into tee-shirts and window clings for our 40th anniversary for the club, to use at the events this year.
8.)   There was discussion on posting the upcoming events like the meeting etc in the Bismarck Tribune in their event schedule.  Vicky volunteered to check into it.
9.)   Lori brought the subject of meeting places.  The members present liked the Eagle’s club and menu. We meet in the downstairs meeting room with access to it from the northern parking lot which is available to us to use. We ordered off the menu and the food was served in plenty of time for the meeting to start at 7:00 Gary stated it was nice to have the same meeting place so new members won’t be confused to where we are.
10.)   Mary S. stated they are still some Corvette bags for sale from the Christmas Party for $20./apiece.  She brings them to the meetings so you can purchase them from her if you would like one. The funds collected go toward next year’s Xmas party.
With no further business Bruce made a motion to adjourn and Vicky seconded it M/C
The following committees  are in place for your information;
Donation:                          Scheduling:                        Xmas Party:
Gary and Val                      Tom and Lori                    Mary and Glenn
Mike and Mary                  Gary and Val                    Julie and Chuck
Glenn and Mary                Mike and Deb                  Vicky and Mike
Mary and Jim                                                                Bruce and Irene
                                                                                        Mary and Mike    
Respectfully submitted:  Diana Sec.


Tresurer Mike Koch
Trustee Vicky Gunsch
11.)   Next mtg. will hosted by Gary and Val at their home, Jan. 8th, 2016
12.)   Vicky brought up the fact that this will be the club’s 40th year.  There was some discussion on doing something special.  We will look into this.
Old Business:
Richard is checking on Hart Ranch for the fall run.
Updated e-mail list:  Mary stated that our current email list is pretty accurate. If changes need to be please email me with new information (  such as new cars, plates, memberships etc. I will update the information and pass it on to our member list committee.
The Trustee and the Secretary will audit the treasurer’s books as stated in the by-laws before the new treasurer takes over.
The two free memberships in the drawing this year went to Lisa and Ray Zerr and Irene and Bruce McCollom.  Congratulations
At this time we have 24 paid memberships.  Please send in your membership dues to CDT PO Box 625 Bismarck, ND 58502
We took in $681.00 for the silent auction, $75.00 for the 50/50 a return of $11.00 from decorating committee, and a donation of $80.00.
There were drawings all evening for door prizes which included table runners and gift cards.  A special thank you to the decorating committee for the wonderful tote bags with the Corvette Logo and car towel.  Also a great job of decorating and planning!!
Also a special thank you to our out- going officers Mary Scott and Avie   Peterka for a job well done. A thank you for the new officers who have agreed to serve in the next year.                                                                                                                     Sec. Diana Harstad

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