Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: January 2010 Newsletter  (Read 3195 times)
chuck horter
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« on: May 02, 2010, 08:43:03 PM »

Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike LaLonde (471 3804). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502


The January 8th , 2010 meeting was held at Prime Steer in Mandan and was presided by newly elected President Vickie Gunsch at 7:15 PM.
There were no corrections or additions to last month’s minutes.  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Julie Horter and seconded by Mike Neigum. 
Members in attendance: 11
Old Business:
The Treasurer’s report was given by Bruce McCollom.  Bruce reported a checkbook balance of $3,603.93 after income and expenses.
Bruce reported that cost for the Christmas party was $21.59 per person.  To date 36 people have made reservations for the Christmas party.  It was suggested that a email be sent out to remind everyone about the Christmas party scheduled for Saturday, January 16th.  Chuck Horter said he would send out a reminder.  Bruce said that we had to have a final count in 48 hours prior to the event.
Bruce McCollom said that he will be on vacation in January and early February and that membership checks may not get deposited until late February. 
Irene McCollom reported that decorations have been made for 8 tables at the Christmas party.  It was suggested that a drawing be conducted for the centerpieces. 
It was reported that Mike Lalonde and Guy Shanta are making arrangements for the drawing and that prizes have been secured.  Irene McCollom said that she would pick up name tags for everyone which will be helpful for new members in becoming acquainted with everyone.
Mike Gunsch reported that a one hour slide show has been put together for the evenings entertainment.
Vickie Gunsch said that the optional $25 gift exchange would be held again this year. 
Mike Gunsch said that a by-law committee meeting was held December 19th for interested members and that there was a lot of constructive input.  He said a revised copy of the proposed by-law changes would be distributed sometime in mid to late January.  Comments would be accepted in February and a possible vote taking place sometime in April or May. 
Discussion was help on club liability and club officer insurance.  Mike Gunsch commented that he has been advised by an individual familiar in this area that if the club plans an event involving outside participants that it would be cheaper to get event insurance.  He said that as a nonprofit entity we are protected by state law when conducting specific club events.  He said that in addition to Rollie Mehlhoff’s input in this area we can request a legal review of the bylaws and make sure that the officers and the club are protected. 
Vickie Gunsch stated that club dues are again $30 for 2010.
Vickie Gunsch overviewed the planned trip to Yellowstone Park in conjunction with the Corvette Rally planned in Spearfish, SD.  The proposed trip would be scheduled from Sunday July 11 to Sunday July 18.  The trip route would include Medora, Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Thermopolis, and then on to the Spearfish Rally.  Glenn Siewert reported that he was checking room rates again at the First Gold Hotel in Deadwood.  A schedule will be put together in the upcoming weeks. 
New Business:
Mike Neigum volunteered to put the schedule together for the Tuesday Cruise Nights.  It was suggested that perhaps one or two of the runs could include a trip out of town with the final destination being a Bismarck/Mandan restaurant. 
It was suggested that permanent name tags be put together for all the members.  Other clubs have done this and it makes it easier to remember every ones names.  It was also suggested that perhaps the BSC Graphics Arts Department could design a club logo.  Mike Lalonde will be asked for his advice on this idea. 
Motion was made to adjourn and was unanimously approved.
Chuck Horter , Secretary
It will be my intent to provide some fun and interesting facts about Corvettes, our great American Sports Car, in the newsletter.  I will be starting this by dropping in some interesting facts beginning with the first model year in 1953.  If anyone has any thoughts on improving or adding things to the newsletter, please feel free to drop me a note.
The first full-scale Corvette concept was displayed as a “dream car” at GM’s Motorama in New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel in January.  The secretary of this newsletter was 2 ½ years old at the time.  Six months after the GM Motorama debut, the first production Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan, on June 30. 
Fiberglass was chosen over steel for the Corvette’s body material for two reasons:  tooling was easier to create and it allowed designers more freedom to create rounded shapes. The concept was quickly embraced by the ladies undergarment industry. 
The original front logo on the Corvettes that made the trade show circuit featured a checkered flag and an American flag crossed, later Chevrolet was alerted to the fact that it is illegal to use an American flag on a trademark and the logo was changed.
  Next meeting is scheduled for Friday February 12th at the Prime Steer.  Mark your calendars!

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