Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: April 2010 Newsletter  (Read 3769 times)
chuck horter
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike Neigum (258-5742). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502

April  2010

Spring is just around the corner and the club is planning a number of  activities for the spring and summer.  See the list below of upcoming car show related events.  Also coming soon will be the Tuesday "Cruise Night Schedule" that will also include some daytime weekend cruises.  Please note that we are working on another rendezvous with the Minot Car Club in Garrison for Saturday, April 24th.  That's only a little over a month away.  Stay tuned for details!!
Take time to clean up the Vette on the nice days to come.  We will be cruising shortly!!

Upcoming Events
May 22: Pioneer Club “Acres of Steel” Car Show - MainstreetMain street, Mandan
May 23: Roughrider Chevrolet Association Car Show -  Club Parking Lot, Bismarck
June 4-6:    Devils Run, Devils Lake. Info:
June 11-12:     Classtiques Rod Run 2010, Bismarck-Mandan. Info:
June 13:     Buggies-N-Blues, Mandan. Info:
June 18-20:    MSRA Back to the 50’s, St. Paul MN. Info:
July 10:    JCCC Buffalo Rally, Jamestown. Info: 701-320-9108
July 11-18:    Corvettes of Dakota Territory Tour of Yellowstone and Spearfish Rally.  See Newsletter for info.
July 28:    ND State Fair Car Show & Oldies Concert.  Open to cars 1990 and older.  2 people in vehicle get in free.  Info: 701-240-6771.

CDT Meeting Minutes Friday, April 9th Prime Steer Restaurant
7:15 PM
19 people were in attendance for the meeting.
President Vickie Gunsch called the meeting to order.  Al Braun moved to approve the Minutes for the March 12th, 2010 meeting.  Mike Neigum seconded the motion and the Minutes were approved.
Bruce McCollom presented the Treasurer's report and indicated that the Club had a fund balance of $3,627.69 as of 4/7/10.  Bruce stated that currently there were 45 paid club members.  Treasurer's report was approved.
Old Business
President Vickie Gunsch reported that rates in Medora for the Badlands motel, musical and pitchfork fondue were $215 and the Roughrider Hotel was $257.  She stated that she will check to see if a group rate is available.
Glenn Siewert reported that 10 of the fifteen rooms have been booked by club members at First Gold for the July Spearfish Rally.  Members are encouraged to book now to take advantage of the remaining rooms. 
Mike Neigum Overviewedoverviewed the 2010 Cruise Day/Night Schedule for the summer.  He said the first Cruise is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th to Riverdale/Garrison.  Consensus was reached that a club caravan will start from the North Walmart parking lot at 3:00pm.  The caravan will stop first at Riverdale for approximately one hour to view the Soap Box Derby celebration and view the "Dukes of hazard" TV car.  The caravan will then commence to the Stoney Inn restaurant in Garrison and dine with the Minot Corvette Car Club.  It will be a fun day and all club members are encouraged to participate. 
Glenn Siewert provided samples of name tags designed by CaptiolCapitol Trophy.  The name tags resemble the backside of a C5 Corvette and club members can choose from an assortment of sizes with prices ranging from $10.00 to $11.70.  They are very practical for interfacing with other car clubs at various events.  Members can order name tags from Capital Trophy, 405 N. 4th Street in Bismarck. 
New Business
Paul Klemetson reported that Buggies'n'Blues is scheduled for June 13 and that there will also be a fly-in at the Mandan airport.  More details will be provided next month.
Chuck Horter reported that a new membership list will be published this month now that the overall membership drive and annual renewals have been completed.
Al Braun stated that he will be attending the Prime Steel Car show in Grand Forks, Sunday, April 11 and would be departing at 9:30 am.  All club members were welcomed to join him.
Darol Hopfauf stated that he will be turning unsold Corvettes of Dakota Territory license plate frames to Vickie Gunsch.  Vickie will keep the plates for future use and sale to current members and new members.
Mike Gunsch overviewed changes to the current CDT by-laws.  Further clarification and research will be conducted on the following areas and will be presented at the next meeting:
·   Expulsion
·   Definition of Quorum
·   Clarification of Sponsorsships
·   Dissolution of the Club
·   Bonding Issues – or Financial Review
·   Non-Owner Membership and Voting PrivledgesPrivileges
·   Officer Duties
·   Voting percentage required for by-law revisions.
Darol Hopfauf made a motion to accept all the general by-law revisions with the exception of those listed above.  Mike Neigum seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously with no dissenting votes.  The second reading of the revised by laws, with additional revisions as noted, will occur at the May meeting.
Al Braun made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Bruce McCollom.  Motion carried and meeting was adjourned.

Yellowstone Caravan and Spearfish Rally
Join in the fun and make your arrangements now!   
July 11, Medora (arrangements pending)
July 12, 2010 Best Western GranTree Inn, Bozeman, Mt
   Rate $119   Toll free number 406-587-5261
July 13, 2010 Brandin Iron Inn, West Yellowstone, Mt
   Rate $108   406-646-9411
July 14, 2010 Best Western Plaza, Thermopolis, Wy
   Rate $126.90 307-864-2939
July 15-17 First Gold, Deadwood, SD
   Rate $105 1-800-274-1876 or 605-717-7172 (Private parking has been secured).

Corvette Fun Facts:
The 1955 Corvette brought with it the V-8, a new transmission and more speed.  At first glance, the 1955 Corvette looked much the same as the previous two versions but it was what was put under the hood that would make this Vette dynamic and different.  A new V-8 made all the difference in the world.
The 265 V-8 from Ed Cole was a small block and was installed in all but six Vettes for that year.  Chevy made it known that the 1955 Corvette sported the bigger engine with an exaggerated "V" that overlaid the existing Chevrolet name tag on both fenders.  The advertising department at Chevy marketed the new engine as the V-8 that goes like a V-2 referring to the 1955 Corvette moving like a guided misslemissile. 
The comparison was not far off either.  The new engine gave a pickup in horsepower from 150 with the six cylinder engine all the way up to 195 horsepower with the new V-8.  That meant the 1955 Corvette did 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 8.5 seconds and the car had a top speed approaching 120 miles per hour.  While this pales in comparison to the Vettes of today, those numbers represented blistering speeds back then. 
There were also more notable changes in the 1955 Corvette.  Among the changes was ere a new three speed transmission which gave a more controlled and welcomed feeling while driving the car.  It is interesting to note however that the first 75 cars off the line were installed with the classic Power Gglide automatic transmission.  Also new was the fact that Corvette moved from the six volt electrical system that was typical back then to the more efficient twelve volt system.  The old tube tires were also out and replaced with solid black sidewall tubeless tires. 
While the 1955 Corvette did have vast improvements overall they were less than stunning in the eyes of the public who were still getting to know this new super car.  Sales for the year actually dipped a bit and 700 total units were sold.  Chevy was still working out a better and more efficient way to produce the car because it was made with a different composite than the other models.  Although marked improvements were evident, the engineers at GM were not totally happy with the Corvette, at least not yet.
Corvette Humor
 A man goes out and buys a new Vette Convertible.  One night he takes it out for a spin and stops at a red light.  An old man pulls up next to him riding a mo-ped.  The old man looks over the Vette and says, "What kind of car ya got there sonny?"  The man replies, It's a 2000 Corvette, the best sports car in the USA; it cost me over $50,000."
"That's a lot of money" says the old man.  "Why do they cost so much?"  The man answers, "Because they can go 170 miles an hour!"  The old man pokes his head in the window and looks around.  Leaning back on his mo-ped, the old man says, "That's a pretty nice car all right!"
Just then the light changes, so the guy decides to show the old man what the car can do.  He floors it, and in a few seconds the speedo reads 120 MPH.  Suddenly he notices a dot in his rear view mirrow that seems to be catching up to him.  Afraid it might be a cop, he slows down to 65 and suddenly whhhoooosshh!  Good grief it's the old man and he whips by him going much faster! 
"How on earth could an old man on a mo-ped be going faster than my Vette?" the man asks himself.  Then, ahead of him, he sees a dot and realizes that the old man is coming back in his direction!  Whhoooosshh! The old man flies by him going the opposite direction!  The guy is clearly surprised and also irritated and says to himself "It's bad enough getting sucked up by a mo-ped but now the old man is showing off! How could a mo-ped outrun a Vette?"
Then again he sees a dot in the rear view mirror!  Whhoooosshh-Blam!  It plows into the back of the Vette!  The man jumps out.  It is the old man!  Of course , the mo-ped and the old man are in a world of hurt.  The guy runs up to the old man and cries, "You're hurt bad!  Is there anything I can do for you?"
The old man groans and replies, "Yes, could you please unhook my suspenders from your side mirror?"
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