Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: May 2010 Newsletter  (Read 2723 times)
chuck horter
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike Neigum (258-5742). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502
May  2010

Spring is here and the Tuesday Night cruise schedule is in full swing.  All members should have received a copy of the Tuesday night cruise schedule.  If you have misplaced your copy, check the Corvettes of Dakota Territory website.  The website has been updated and includes the cruise night schedule, past newsletters and pictures of events from 2009.  As they say in NASCAR, it's time to crank'em up!

Upcoming Events
May 22: Pioneer Club “Acres of Steel” Car Show - Mainstreet, Mandan
May 23: Roughrider Chevrolet Association Car Show - Elk’s Club Parking Lot, Bismarck
June 4-6: Devils Run, Devils Lake. Info:
June 11-12:  Classtiques Rod Run 2010, Bismarck-Mandan. Info:
June 13:  Buggies-N-Blues, Mandan. Info:
June 18-20: MSRA Back to the 50’s, St. Paul MN. Info:
June 25-26:  21st Annual "Cars in the Park" Glendive, Mt.
July 9:  3rd Annual President's Run Bismarck State College Foundation.  $100 donation per vehicle for scholarship fund.  See details below.
July 10: JCCC Buffalo Rally, Jamestown. Info: 701-320-9108
July 11-18: Corvettes of Dakota Territory Tour of Yellowstone and Spearfish Rally.  See Newsletter for info.
July 28: ND State Fair Car Show & Oldies Concert.  Open to cars 1990 and older.  2 people in vehicle get in free.  Info: 701-240-6771.
July 31- August 1:  16th Annual All Corvette Show sponsored by Classic Corvettes of Minnesota.  Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Prior Lake, MN. Event includes car display, trophies, NCM display & merchandise sale, door prizes, women's forum (scrapbooking, jewelry, quilting demos) autocross, scavenger hunt, corvette cruise & dinner Saturday evening.  There is a $10 (1 day entry fee--$15 at the gate) or a $18 (2day--$25 at the gate) OR a $5 each day spectator fee to park adjacent to the show car lot.

3rd Annual President's Run, July 9th 2010
Steve Herman, a CDT member, requested that the club consider participating in the 3rd annual President's Run sponsored by the BSC Foundation.  This event is open to classic cars & motorcycles (including corvettes).  Cost to participate in the event is $100 which goes directly to the BSC Scholarhip fund.
The caravan will leave from the Jack Science Parking Lot at BSC at 10:00 AM  and travel through Center and Hannover to Beulah for lunch at Hedahls.  The caravan will then proceed on to Golden Valley for a tour of the Lindermann Garage Museum, a private collection of vintage cars and motorcycles.  An optional tour of the Coal Gasification Plant will also be available. More information can be obtained from Christina Burns at 224-2486.
Get Your Name Tags!!
Glenn Siewert, CDT member has worked with Capitol Trophy in creating name tags for all members.  The name tags are especially helpful for new members who are trying to get to know everybody and for out of town events when club members are interfacing with other club organizations. The name tags can be made to match the back end of your model corvette C-1 through C-6 and would include your name, model and license plate name or number.  For an order form, contact Chuck Horter, Secretary.
CDT Meeting Minutes Friday, May 14 Prime Steer Restaurant
7:15 PM
19 Members in attendence.
President Vickie Gunsch opened the meeting by asking for approval of the minutes of the April 9, 2010 monthly meeting.  Mike Gunsch made a motion for approval and it was seconded by Mike Neigum.  Minutes were approved.
Bruce McCollom gave the Treasurer's Report and indicated that the current check book balance was $3,674.21.  Currently there are 48 paid members.  Chuck Horter made a motion to approve the Treasurers report.  Motion carried.
Old Business
Minot has a car show on Sunday May 16th and Mike Neigum circulated the details at the meeting.  The Minot Corvette Club President encouraged all Bismarck club members to participate. Mike Neigum had details for anyone wishing to participate.
President Gunsch reported that arrangments have been made for Sunday, July 11 at Medora for the first leg of the CDT Caravan to Yellowstone Park and the Spearfish Rally.  Reservations have been made for the musical, Pitchfork Fondue and lodging at the Badlands Motel.  Individuals participating in the caravan should call 1-800-Medora1 on Monday, May 17 to make reservations.
Mike & Deb Koch and Pete Weisbeck were introduced and welcomed as new members.
For the benefit of the new members President Gunsch overviewed the planned caravan trip to yellowstone and the Blackhills.
President Gunsch reviewed Cruise Night activity.  Ten cars made the April trip to Riverdale and Garrison to meet with the Minot Corvette Club.  The proprietor of the Stoney Inn Restaurant in Garrison said that she was planning a show & shine next year which would include both clubs.  Five cars made the Prairie Knights Casino Cruise night and 6 cars made the Wilton Cruise night. 
Glenn Siewert overviewed the new name tags available for CDT members.  The tags are magnetic and can be made up to resemble any of the Corvette  rear ends (C-5, C-6 etc.).  The tags are designed to include members names, Corvette model, and license plate number if desired.  Order forms are available from Secretary Chuck Horter.
Paul Klemetson overviewed the Buggies and Blues celebration scheduled for Sunday June 13.  He said that CDT would be staging at Capital Credit Union at 9:45 AM.  All club members are asked to participate and should be at the staging area by 9:00 AM.  He indicated that in 2011, Corvettes will be the featured cars for Buggies and Blues.  Like last year, there will be a flyin at the Mandan Airport with buses available to take people out to the airport for a $5 breakfast.
Chuck Horter stated that the website has been updated and that copies of all the 2010 newsletters, membership lists and cruise nights are all available for review.  He also said that Glenn Siewert has put a number of pictures on the website that reflect last years activities.  Chuck Horter said that he hoped the website could be expanded to include elements of "tech talk" that could assist members with ideas of installations or repairs.
New Business
President Gunsch gave condolences to Larry Pittenger a club member who recently passed away.  A memorial was sent to the Pittenger family and a thank you card was received and circulated at the meeting.
Discussion took place on future meeting locations.  Chuck Horter said that Mike Lalonde had discussions with A&B Piza South and said that their facility could be a functional location.  Mike Neigum stated that beer and Pizza were the only menu options at A&B.  It was mentioned that if the meeting room at the Prime Steer was not available, the bar area was always an option. Gary Stefanovsky recommended an alternate night for meetings where perhaps there was not so much pressure on the facilities.  It was noted in the by-laws that Friday Night is the designated meeting night. 
President Gunsch said that information has alrady been received for the 2014, 20th National Caravan to Bowling Green.
Chuck Horter overviewed the BSC Foundation 3rd Annual Presidents Run and indicated that Steve Herman, one of our members, has requested club participation in this event. Details were passed around and can be found in the schedule of events in this issue of the newsletter. 
Return to Old Business
Mike Gunsch indicated that no feedback was received from members regarding the by-law information sent out a few weeks ago.  He said the two remaining discussion issues regarding expulsion of members and requirements for by-law amendments have been cleaned up per input from the last meeting.  It was suggested that a modification be made to the by-laws that would continue the regular scheduled monthly meetings on Friday night or a time deemed appropriate by the officers.  Once the current by-laws are approved than protocol would dictate that they be reviewed once on an annual basis. 
Mike Gunsch said that he researched the cost of bonding and said that it really depended on the size of the monetary assests of the organization.  He said that in the case of CDT, our balance was so small that it was probably not worth the cost of bonding. 
The issue of officer liability is still being explored.  Mike Gunsch said that he would send the by-laws to an attorney and ask him about the cost of reviewing the information before a committment is made to review it.  Mike Neigum and Val Wangler made a motion to have an attorney review the by-laws. Motion carried.
It was decided that a vote of the by-laws will take place at the CDT picnic when the probability of maximum club participation will at the highest level.
Val Wangler illustrated two wheel cleaning tools that he found on a website 
Bruce McCollom stated that he had a complete C-6 Shop manual available for reference in case anyone had an interest. 
Sunday September 19th or September 26th was selected as dates for the CDT picnic.  There was consensus that the club rent the Jaycee Park Building (same facility as last year) to hold the picnic. Chuck Horter will check on availability and make arrangements.   
Meeting adjourned. 
Yellowstone Caravan and Spearfish Rally
Join in the fun and make your arrangements now!   
July 11, Medora Baldlands Motel, Pitchfork Fodue and Musical.  Call 1-800-Medora1.
July 12, 2010 Best Western GranTree Inn, Bozeman, Mt
   Rate $119  Toll free number 406-587-5261
July 13, 2010 Brandin Iron Inn, West Yellowstone, Mt
   Rate $108  406-646-9411
July 14, 2010 Best Western Plaza, Thermopolis, Wy
   Rate $126.90 307-864-2939
July 15-17 First Gold, Deadwood, SD
   Rate $105 1-800-274-1876 or 605-717-7172 (Private parking has been secured).
Corvette Fun Facts:
Corvette sales increased to 3467 with a slick, all new 1956 model boasting a much-improved chassis, standard roll-up windows, and an optional lift-off hardtop.  The old six cylinder engine was dropped, while the V-8 was increased to 210 or 225 hp, and the manual trasnmission was now standard.  Performance improved dramatically, with 0-60 in as little as 7.5 seconds, a 120-mph top speed, and genuine sports-car handling.  Amazingly, the $3,149 base price was nearly $400 less than 1953-54 and just $215 over 1955.
You are most likely a Corvette owner if...
You've ever bought a piece of clothing to "match the car."
If you have multiple cars in the family, but everyone refers to the corvette as "THE car."
You've driven an hour+ and had to take a day off work to buy a $10 car part (that does not affect the operation of the car in anyway).
If your car is 26 years old and you find out that it still has the original fuel filter, and your HAPPY!
If you have more than one car, and the one that is 20 years older than the other runs 10 times better.
If you know the exact date which your car was built (Jan. 16, 1974... but forget your girlfriend/wife's birthday (Uh, I was going to get you something honey but I...).
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