Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: August 2010 Newsletter  (Read 4509 times)
chuck horter
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« on: August 22, 2010, 07:17:54 PM »

August 2010

The dog days of summer are upon us and for those of you that have convertibles, if aren't driving around in the evening with your top down I doubt you will do it for the remainder of the year.  Now's the time!
The Gararge tour event held on Saturday August 21 was a great success.  Approximaely 20 people participated in the event and we got to see some fantastic garage layouts.  Our thanks to the Klemetsons, Siewerts, Hopfaufs and the Horters for opening up their homes.  It was a great way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon and evening!
Upcoming Events 

August 27:  Kool Deawood Nights.  Departure at 9:00 AM from the Seven Seas.  Contact Al Braun for details.
September 3-6:  Motor Magic Labor Weekend, ND State Fairgrounds in Minot.
September 11:  Military Appreciation Days at Ressler Chevrolet.  Contact Al Braun or Mike Lalonde for details.
September 11:  Mobridge Car & Motorcycle Show, Mobridge SD
September 19:  CDT picnic and meeting  4:00 PM Jaycee Park on Century Ave new. This replaces the meeting on the 10th.
September 24:  6th Annual Outkasts Car Club Cruise In & Hot Rod Show, Michell SD.  No factory original cars.  Sat. 11:00am-4:00pm.
October 1-3:  Fall Black Hills Run.  Contact Al Braun for details.

Next month's meeting will be held during the club picnic scheduled for 4:00 PM Sunday September 19.  A vote of the new bylaws will be taken at this time with advanced copies sent in advance for everyone's review. 

Check Out the CDT Website
Remember to use your  ( website for club information.  Shre your technical knowledge and interact with fellow members.  If you have ideas for enhancing the website, drop us a line.
 Name Tags Still Available!!
  Name tags are especially helpful for new members who are trying to get to know everybody and for out of town events when club members are interfacing with other club organizations. The name tags are available through Capitol Trophy and can be made to match the back end of your model corvette C-1 through C-6 and would include your name, model and license plate name or number.  For an order form, contact Chuck Horter, Secretary or go to Capitol Trophy.
CDT Meeting Minutes Friday, August 13, A&B Pizza South
7:25 PM
Eight members, six spouses and 2 guests (Jeff & Marcie Wuitschick) were in attendance at the meeting.
President Vickie Gunsch called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM and asked for approval of the July 9th meeting minutes.  Motion for approval was made by Mike Lalonde, seconded by Mike Neigum and carried by voice vote.
Treasurer Bruce McCollom gave his report.  The current checkbook balance is $3739.10.  There are currently 56 dues paying members.  A motion for approval of the Treasurer's Report was made by Al Braun, seconded by Mike Gunsch and carried by voice vote. 
Old Business:
Al Braun volunteered to bring a grill to the picnic which will be held September 19th starting at 4:00PM at the Jaycee Park (4th & Century) shelter house. 
The August 21st garage tour will start at 2:00 PM at Chuck Horter's:  Then will proceed to Paul Klemetson's, Glenn Siewert's and Darol Haupfauf's.  The tour can be followed by dinner at a local restaurant if the group wants.
There was a follow up discussion to the suggestion of a "participation drawing." It will work by placing one ticket per member per event (all club sponsored events) in a barrel for a drawing to be held at the Christmas party.  It will start with the garage tour.  A prize will be awarded.  Further details to be determined by the officers.  A motion to start the participation drawing was made by Mike Gunsch, seconded by Gary Stefanovsky and carried by voice vote. 
It was decided to further investigate Mike Koch's suggestion for a "modified poker run(s)."
It was decided to further investigate a garage tour at Dr. Steffan Scherer's.
The legal review of the proposed By Law changes has been received.  The final proposed revised By-Laws will be sent out to all members. The changes will be voted on at the Club Picnic September 19.
Those planning to attend or wanting further information on the run to "Kool Deadwood Nights" should contact Al Braun or Val Wangler.  Departure will be from the 7 Seas at 9:00 AM, Friday August 27.
For further information on the "Fall Black Hills Run" (first week in October) contact Al Braun.
New Business:
Mike Lalonde volunteered to update pictures for the CDT website for those who wish.  This will be done in the afternoon before the picnic on September 19.
Mike Lalonde stated that the Pioneer Auto Club Annual Corn Feed at Buckstop Junction is Sunday, August 15, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Mike Lalonde & Al Braun stated that the Ressler Chevrolet Military Appreciation Day is September 11.
A motion to adjourns was made by Mike Neigum, seconded by Gary Stefanovsky and carried by voice vote at 7:56 PM.   
Corvette Fun Facts: 
The 1959 Corvette looked cleaner and more purposeful , thanks to the removal of the decklid chrome and a hood shorn of the "58's" gimmicky "washboard" ribbing.  To Chevrolet's credit the busied '58 styling was cleaned up considerably for the otherwise little-unchanged 1959 model.
At about this time Chevrolet was working on a new and far more radical concept for America's sports car--the so called Q-Corvette.  This was a much smaller and lighter two seat coupe with very streamlined styling, an independent rear suspension, and a rear transaxel derived from the one being developed for Chevy's new rear-engine compact, the 1960 Corvair.  Unfortunately, the Q-model would be another false start on the road to a truly new second generation Corvette.
Production totaled 9670 units for the 1959 model year a slight increase over the year before.  Chevy still wasn't making much money on Corvettes, but it wasn't losing any either.
Corvette Humor:
One of our fellow Corvette owners in North Carolina was travelling along and experienced a flat tire.  Unfortunately for him he did not have a set of run flats on his vehicle.  Another  Corvette owner from North Dakota happened to pass by and noticed that the driver of the disabled vehicle was sitting in his car and that there were bouquets of flowers sitting in front of the car and behind the car.   
Honoring the Corvette creed of helping a fellow Corvette owner in distress the North Dakota owner stopped and approched the disabled vehicle.  The driver of the disabled vehicle thanked the North Dakotan for stopping but said he had already called for help and that a tow truck would be arriving shortly.  The North Dakotan was real curious and just had to ask why there were flowers around the stalled Vette. The North Carolinian replied  that "he was told to always put flares in the front and flares in the back whenever you were stalled on the highway but that he didn't really understand it neither!"

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