Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: May 2011 Newsletter  (Read 3029 times)
chuck horter
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike Neigum (258-5742). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502
                  May 2011   
We are quickly approaching the Buggies and Blues event in Mandan scheduled for Sunday, June 12th.  Corvettes of Dakota Territory is the featured car club this year and we will be on "center stage" for this years event.  All members are encouraged to participate in this event which focuses on America's true sports car.  All participating members must be at the Capital Credit Union's parking lot in Mandan by 9:00 AM.  This is the staging area for CDT and we will be going in as a group shortly after 9:15AM.  This will be a fun event and it is a golden opportunity to showcase our club.  Please contact Paul Klemetson or any of the club officers for further information.  See you at Buggies and Blues!!
Next Meeting
The next CDT monthly meeting will be held 7:00 PM Friday,  at Dean's Restaurant  (formerly the Prime Steer) on the strip in Mandan at 7:00 PM, June 10th.  Come early around 6:00 PM and check out the great food at reasonable prices.  We had a great experience at Dean's for the May meeting and they are excited to have us back.
CDT is 35 Years Old!!
Corvettes of Dakota Territory was founded in 1976 by area enthusiasts who had the insight, inspiration and passion to promote the experience of driving Corvettes.  CDT has established itself as one of the premier car clubs in the area and has been activley involved in community events through the years.  Happy birthday CDT!! 
New CDT Member
Corvettes of Dakota Territory welcomes new member Barry Kindsvogel.  Barry is an original member of CDT who has taken a leave of absence for a few years.  Barry has a 2004 C-5 black on black Corvette with a license plate name           "th bear."  Great to have you back Barry.  Welcome home!

Upcoming Events
May 14:  Acres of Iron Car Show in Mandan  Location is just west of the former John Iverson building just off of Collins Ave. 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
May 21-22:  2nd Annual River Cities Speedway Gearhead Weekend @Greater Grand Forks Fairgrounds ( car show, swap meet & dirt track races).
May 22:  Roughrider Chevrolet Association Car Show.  Bismarck Elks Club Sunday       Afternoon.  Dine in the Roughrider Bar & Lounge.
June 3-5: Devils Run-Devils Lake, ND
June 10:  CDT monthly meeting Dean's Restaurant on the Strip Mandan.  Social/dinner at 6:00 PM Meeting at 7:00 PM.
June 9-10: Classtiques Rod Run 2011 Bismarck/Mandan. Info:
June 11:  McLean County Parade in Underwood.  CDT has been invited to participate.
June 12: Buggies-N-Blues, Mandan, ND Info:
June 17-19: Back to the 50's-St. Paul, MN
June 23-26:  Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA, St. Charles, Illinois.
June 24-25:  Cars in the Park car show in Glendive, MT.
July 9: JCCC Buffalo Rally-Jamestown, ND.
July 14:  Spearfish Corvette Rally.  July 14-17. First gold reservations @1-800-274-1876
July 29-31:  17th Annual All Corvette Show, Classic Corvettes of Minnesota, Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake.
August 19-21:  Wings 'N Wheels, Powell, Wyoming  featuring cars and Airplanes
January 14, 2012:  Annual CDT Christmas Party, Seven Seas 

Participation Incentive.
A participation incentive was recently approved to encourage and reward participation in club events.  Anytime a member and their significant other attends a club function their name will recorded and entered into a grandprize drawing at the end of the year.  This is a fun event and provides an opportunity to reward someone who makes CDT participation a priority!

Meeting Minutes:
Friday, May 13, 2011 Dean's Restaurant 7:20 PM
President, Vickie Gunsch brought the meeting to order.  A motion was made by Mike Neigum to approve last months minutes and was seconded by Al Braun.  Motion carried.
Bruce McCollom presented the Treasure's report and stated that the balance from last month was $4,698.68.  Dues income was $150 and interest income was $.23 for a new balance of $4848.91.
Bruce introduced Barry Kindsvogel as a new member and everyone welcomed Barry to the club. Bruce reported that with Barry's membership the membership total is now 53 paid members.
Bruce reported on information relating to establishing a IRS tax identification number for reporting purposes.  This process would recognize CDT as being a nonprofit organization and would require the completion of a lengthy form.  There would be also be a $400 one time fee to expedite the process.  It was noted that the only time the Tax ID may become necessary would be in situations where the club would take in a significant amount of outside income such as major sponsorships that would become a significant part of club revenue. Consensus from the members present was that the Tax ID registration process was not necessary at this time and would not be pursued.
John and Shelly Krebsbach were introduced as new members by President Gunsch and welcomed by all members present.
A motion was made to accept the Treasurer's report by Mike Gunsch and seconded by Thom Kapla.  Motion carried.
Paul Klemetson reported on Buggies and Blues and said that CDT members needed to stage their cars by 9:00 AM Sunday morning at the Captial Credit Union parking lot in Mandan.  The club will go in as a group at 9:15 AM and everyone needs to be on site to initiate this process.  Individuals who are late will not be able to come in later to join the rest of the group. The membership per Paul's recommendation preferred a "staggered" parking arrangement on main street as opposed to a "row" parking arrangement.  Consensus was that it would be easier to control access in and around the cars if we were "grouped" together. Paul also stated that we would need to provide 4 to 6 volunteers from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM for security purposes. All participating car clubs are asked to assist with this process.
Paul also reported that the before the 4th of July parade in Mandan there will be an attempt to set a world record of the number of people doing the Chubby Checker song "The Twist."  Advanced classic cars such as our Vettes would go ahead in the parade route and stop at intersections and turn up their radios so the crowd could here the music and participate.  More details to follow.
Paul also indicated that CDT needed to provide an article for the Mandan event that outlined the history and background of the club.  Consensus was that Mike Lalonde would be an excellent resource for this task and President Gunsch said she would approach him on this opportunity.
Paul passed around an order sheet for Buggies&Blues 2011 T-shirts that illustrated two member cars from our club.  Cost of the shirts range between $15 & $18, though exact cost is unknown at this time.  Individuals interested in purchasing shirts in advance are encouraged to contact Paul Klemetson.
Paul also stated that their will be a classic car parade Saturday night June 11 on Main Street Mandan.
President Gunsch said sponsorship ideas were still being pursued with Kupper Chevrolet.  New banner ideas were discussed and Mike Neigum shared some ideas for banner designs.  It was hoped to have a new banner in place for Buggies&Blues.
It was reported that 5 cars made the Tuesday night cruise to Prairie Knights despite the cool rainy weather. 
Chuck Horter asked if there was any interest in setting up a trip to Mystic Lake in the Twin Cities. This trip would be two weeks after the trip to the Black Hills. Not a lot of interest was expressed and the trip planning and exploration will be dropped.
Underwood has requested CDT to participate in their parade scheduled for Saturday June 11 which is the day before Buggies and Blues.  More information will be provided on this event. 
Discussion took place on inviting surrounding Corvette clubs to the Buggies and Blues event and joining CDT as the featured club for this year. Contacts will be made with Minot, Fargo and Jamestown to solicit interest.
It was reported that Mike Lalonde has secured the Jaycee park facility for the CDT picnic scheduled for Sunday, September 18th from 4-11 PM.
Next CDT monthly meeting will be Friday night June 10th at Dean's restaurant.
Corvette Fun Facts:
NASA's Corvette Connection
When you are shot into outer space strapped to a rocket for a living, you have a slightly different threshold for excitement than most people.  So what kind of car do you drive when you come back down to earth?
For Alan Shepard, who was the first American to break free of the planet's atmosphere on May 5th, 1961 the choice was almost obvious: a Chevrolet Corvette.  The Navy test pilot owned a 1957 Vette when he was chosen for the space program in 1959, one of 10 he would own over the course of his lifetime.  After returning from his successful mission, GM President, Ed Cole presented the national hero with a brand new 1962 Corvette, helping to kick off a relationship between astronauts and Corvettes that has lasted ever since.
All told, six of the 7 Mercury astronauts would drive Corvettes during their time in the program, thanks in part to a special lease deal offered to them by Chevrolet dealer and Indy 500 winner, Jim Rathman.  According to GM, only John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, chose a Chevy station wagon over the sports car. 
Over the years others would follow, including the entire crew of Apollo 12, who had their matching 1969 Corvette Stingrays painted gold.  The Apolo 15 crew would do them one better on the patriotism front, with red, white and blue cars between them.  In fact, they liked them so much that they brought a GM product to the moon with them, in the form of the Lunar Roving Vehicle.
To celebrate this ongoing connection, the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club is bringing together 30 surviving astronauts and a collection of Corvettes from the past five decades on Saturday May 7th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shepard's flight with a parade near the Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Printed from Fox News. 
Long live the Corvette!
Corvette Humor:
A woman was going through midlife crisis and wanted some new adventure in her life.  Mother's day was fast approaching and she was fascinated by the idea of getting a brand new Corvette.  She hinted to her husband that she wanted something that went from zero to 150 in three seconds.  He took the hint and bought her a new bathroom scale.  All heck broke loose after that.....
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