Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: August 2011 Newsletter  (Read 3205 times)
chuck horter
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike Neigum (258-5742). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502
                  August 2011   
 Buggies & Blues 2011 is now history and the Corvettes of Dakota Territory truly made a great showing in terms of numbers and quality of cars.  Twenty nine Corvettes showed up for the event.  A terrific turnout!!! It was our day to shine and we made the best of it.  Thanks again to Darol & Nancy Hopfauf and Paul & Evie Klemetson for showcasing their awesome cars.  They were great ambassadors for the club.  Also a very special thanks to Jim and Mary Scott for hosting the CDT party at the George's Bakery location.  The food, refreshments and air conditioning were really life savers on such a hot and humid day.  Also it was a privilege to spend a portion of the day in one of Mandan's truly historic locations. Thanks again Mary and Jim!  What a great time to be a CDT member!!
Thank you Mike and Karen Lalonde for being such wonderful hosts at your home on Saturday for Buggies and Blues weekend.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and the food and refreshments.  A great time was had by all!!
Next Meeting
The next CDT meeting will be our annual picnic which like the past couple of years will be held at the Jaycee Park Club House on Century Avenue in Bismarck.  Festivities will start roughly around 4:00 PM Sunday September 18th. Therefore no meeting the second Friday of September.
CDT is 35 Years Old!!
Corvettes of Dakota Territory was founded in 1976 by area enthusiasts who had the insight, inspiration and passion to promote the experience of driving Corvettes.  CDT has established itself as one of the premier car clubs in the area and has been activley involved in community events through the years.  Happy birthday CDT!! 
 Upcoming Events
August 19-21:  Wings 'N Wheels, Powell, Wyoming  featuring cars and Airplanes
August 20:  Picnic at Jeff & Marcie Wutschicks.  Festivities start at 4:00 PM.  Bring a dish or dessert to share.  Jeff and Marcie are providing meat, utensils and beer.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend. 258-7457.
September 18:  CDT Annual Picnic, 4-11pm, Jaycee Park on Centennial.
September 30:  CDT Fall Run to the Black Hills.  Contact Al Braun for further information.
January 14, 2012:  Annual CDT Christmas Party, Seven Seas 
Participation Incentive.
A participation incentive was recently approved to encourage and reward participation in club events.  Anytime a member and their significant other attends a club function their name will recorded and entered into a grandprize drawing at the end of the year.  This is a fun event and provides an opportunity to reward someone who makes CDT participation a priority!
Welcome New Members!
Corvettes of Dakota Territory is growing and we would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members:
Gerald and Mary Bernhardt, owners of a 2004 C5 Convertible
Kent and Gail Jacobson, owners of a 2006 Coupe
Bill and Avie Peterka, owners of a 2005 C5 Convertible
Glenn and Jan Mueller, owners of a 1966 Sting Ray Convertible
Welcome to CDT!!  Looking forward to haivng you join in the fun!!
Meeting Minutes:
Friday, August 12, 2011 Dean's Restaurant 7:00 PM
Meeting was called to order by President Vickie Gunsch.  13 members were in attendance. 
July minutes were read.  Motion for approval was made by Gary Stefanovsky and seconded by Glenn Siewert. 
Treasurer's report was presented by President Gunsch.  Starting balance was $4479.28 with $.21 interest and 4 new members were added with $120 in income.  Expenses paid out were for the Website $72.00, Post Office Box $70.88 and picnic shelter for $95.00 leaving a balance of $4361.69. 
New members are Peterka, Mueller, Bernhardt and Jacobson.  Motion to approve the Treasurer's report was made by Val Wangler and seconded by Mike Neigum. 
Old Business:  Reviewed and discussed the events since the last meeting.  Riverdale run on 7/12/11 with 12 cars; local run to Bruno's 7/19/11 with 4 cars; Flasher run on 7/26/11 with 12 cars; Main Street 8/2/11 drag night unknown number of cars; Washburn run on 8/9/11 with 9 cars.
Discussed Spearfish rally which had 29 cars caravaning together.  Banquet at Deadwood Social Club was a great hit and should be reserved again for next year. 
The picnic at Mike & Karen Lalondes was great.  A huge thank you to Mike and Karen!  Buggies and Blues had a great turnout with 29 cars.  Mary and Jim Scott were wonderful hosts at George's Bakery.  Thank you Mary and Jim!
The Annual CDT Picnic will be 9/18/11 at the Jaycee Park Club House.  Discussion was held regarding catering the meat versus grilling.  Vickie will check into the catering.  Motion to approve catering was made by Glenn Siewert and seconded by Val Wangler. 
New Business:  The 9/18/11 picnic will also be the September meeting.  The Mobridge run will be discussed at that time.  Picnic at Jeff and Marcie Wutschicks on 8/20/11.  Bring a disch or dessert to share.  They will provide meat, utensils and beer.
Mike Lalonde will be taking pictures during the picnic at Wutschick's.
Glenn Siewert will look into reserving rooms for next year's Spearfish Rally at First Gold.
It was suggested that someone look into setting up a couple of different runs in the Black Hills next year to avoid confusion and add some variety.  Gary Stefanovsky will work on this concept. 
Fall Color Run to the Hills is 9/30/11.  Contact Al Braun for information.
Voluteers are needed for this year's Garage Tour to be held in October weather permitting.
Ross Haugeberg would like to look into a trip to Effingham, Il, for the September 2012 rally. 
Next Tuesday run is to Steele.
Motion to adjourn was made by Gary Stefanovsky and seconded by Mary Bernhardt.
Corvette Humor
Why Men Shouldn't Give Relationship Advice in Newspaper Columns.
Uncle Ray's Corner
DearUncle Ray:
I have been married to my husband for over 20 years and I am concerned about our relationship.  The other day I went out in the garage to talk to him and found him working on his Corvette.  All he would say to me was that it was missing and the engine was running rough.  Recently he has become very distant and I am concerned he may be having an affair with another woman.  Sometimes when the phone rings at home and I answer it the person on the other end hangs up.  He often works later than he ever has before and when I ask him about it he just shrugs it off as "just the way it is."  He guards his credit card expenses so that I cannot look and see if there are charges that are not explainable.  I think I may have found some lipstick on his shirt collar but I cannot absolutely verify that fact.  I am desperate and would like to know what I should do next to deal with this problem.  Can you help?
Glenda in Glendive
Dear Glenda
I am glad that you wrote in regarding this situation. This can be a complex problem for your Corvette because it can be caused by more than one system failure.  First, I would trace the fuel system and make sure that related fuel filters are not plugged.  I would then check fuel injectors which is especially important after the car has been stored all winter.  If the fuel system checks out than I would suggest that you check the electrical system.  This can be much more complex and could be caused by a bad spark plug or a bad spark plug wire.  At this point it will become necessary for you to have the engine "scoped" in an effort to pinpoint the problem.  If you follow this course of action, I'm pretty sure you will get the issue taken care of.  Thank you for writing.
Uncle Ray
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