Corvettes of Dakota Territory
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Author Topic: OCTOBER NEWSLETTER 2011  (Read 3195 times)
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Corvettes of Dakota Territory
President Vickie Gunsch (527-2134): Vice-President Val Wangler (222-8563): Secretary/Newsletter: Chuck & Julie Horter (258-6616):  Treasurer: Bruce McCollom (471 6022): Trustee: Mike Neigum (258-5742). Mailing address: CDT, Box 625, Bismarck, ND. 58502
               October 2011   
Next Meeting
The next meetingwill be Friday, November 11 @ 7pm at Dean's Steakhouse, do come early and enjoy some great food.
CDT is 35 Years Old!!
Corvettes of Dakota Territory was founded in 1976 by area enthusiasts who had the insight, inspiration and passion to promote the experience of driving Corvettes.  CDT has established itself as one of the premier car clubs in the area and has been activley involved in community events through the years.  Happy birthday CDT!! 
 Upcoming Events
November 11, 2012 Monthly membership meeting at Dean's Restaurant on the Strip.
January 14, 2012:  Annual CDT Christmas Party, Seven Seas 
Participation Incentive.
A participation incentive was recently approved to encourage and reward participation in club events.  Anytime a member and their significant other attends a club function their name will recorded and entered into a grandprize drawing at the end of the year.  This is a fun event and provides an opportunity to reward someone who makes CDT participation a priority!
Bring an Item for the Food Bank!!
Plan on attending the November CDT meeting at Dean's Steakhouse and bring an item(s) for the local food bank.  Holidays are approaching and we need to think of those folks who are in need.  See you at Dean's!!
Meeting Minutes:
Friday, October 14, 2011  7:07 PM  A&B Pizza South
 President Vickie Gunsch called the meeting to order and asked for approval of the September meeting minutes.  A motion was made by Bruce McCollom to approve the minutes and seconded by Gary Stefanovsky.  Motion was carried.
Bruce McCollom gave the Treasurer's report and stated that the current balance was $3,648 with a total of 59 paid members.  A motion was made by Mike Gunsch to approve the Treasurer's report and was seconded by Val Wangler.  Motion carried.
Old Business:
The Black Hills fall run coordinated by Al Braun was well attended with a total of 12 cars participating.  A great trip along with great weather.
Chuck Horter reported on the Roughrider Chevrolet Association car show at the All Seasons Arena held in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet.
It was reported that 5 cars participated in the weekend "Reservation Run" coordinated by Al Braun.  A decent turnout considering the rainy weather.
President Gunsch said that no garage tours were scheduled for October and that a spring Garage tour was being considered for Garrison in conjunction with the annual dinner social with the Minot Corvette club.
Forty people attended the annual CDT picnic at the Jaycee park.  This year the food was catered and was well received.  Food was excellent.
Discussion took place for prizes at the Christmas Party for those individuals who were recorded in attendance at CDT functions.  It was decided that three names would be drawn from the attendance lists.  The three winners would receive a free year membership plus $20 in cash.  Mike Gunsch made the motion to approve and it was seconded by Bruce McCollom.  Motion carried. 
New Business:
A recommendation was made by President Gunsch to form a Christmas Party planning committee.  Irene McCollom volunteered to coordinate planning of the event. 
It was suggested that a food donation initiative take place at the next CDT meeting.  All members are encourage to bring a food donation and all items collected will be given to an area food bank.  Chuck Horter made the motion and was seconded by JoAnn Wangler.  Motion carried.
Vickie Gunsch said that she would be completing her second term as President and that the by-laws required that a new president would have to be voted in at the Christmas Party.  Any member interested in any of the elected offices are encourage to submit their names to President Gunsch.
Glenn Siewert reported that rooms were reserved at First Gold in Deadwood under CDT for the Spearfish Rally. 
Chuck Horter said that he has not reserved the Deadwood Social Club for the Spearfish Rally banquest because the Black Hills Corvette Club has yet to determine whether or not the Spearfish Rally will be on Friday or Saturday night.  A determination will not be made until Spring. 
Meeting Adjourned.
Winterization of your Corvette
Unless you live in the deep south or southwest, itís that time of year to put your Pride and Joy into hibernation. Putting your Corvette in the garage for a while does have some benefits: you can clean it well and check out the condition of the drivetrain. Leaving your Corvette in an unheated garage for months at a time without starting isnít terrible, but leaving your Corvette for a year or more is when really bad things happen.
The worst scenario for your Corvette is when one cold front after another pummels your garage with temperature fluctuations creating extreme condensation in internal driveline components. Engines, transmissions, and differentials corrode from the top down while the condensation drips into the lubricant. Fuel tanks have condensation dripping from the roof of the tank, corroding the steel fuel sending unit or the tank itself in 1953-1973 Corvettes.
The length of time that your Corvette sits is what really matters. Three months requires very little winterizing. Filling the fuel tank and keeping the battery charged is the extent of preparation. Planning on longer term storage? Use these guidelines:
PAINT: If your Corvette is going to sit for four or more months without activity, the car should be washed to safeguard against any environmental fallout like tree sap, dead bugs etc. Some of the fallout may be acidic and damage the paint or clearcoat permanently.
TIRES & WHEELS: Scrub the tires to remove any built up oxidation and apply a tire dressing once they are dried. Clean your wheels in a similar fashion to paint as brake dust, when left on wheels for extended periods, can permanently damage the wheel surface. Remember to use a clearcoat specific cleaner if your wheels are clearcoated. While on the subject of tires, donít worry about flat spotting unless you have bias plies. There has been significant strides in tire composition and technology, and any flat spotting that does occur on radials will be eliminated with a nice 30 minute drive in the springtime. It is OK to keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure, and overinflating is preferred by some to reduce the tireís pliability. Just be sure to correct the pressure in the spring.
INTERIOR: To prevent moisture buildup and possible mold formation, use a desiccant in the footwells and rear cargo areas. DampRid is a popular choice and it is available at major retailers like Walmart.
FUEL TANK: The fuel tank should be filled to the top with winter fuel (available after October 1) and our part number 351005 fuel stabilizer should be added.
BATTERY: The battery should be kept charged throughout the entire time your Corvette is stored whether itís winter or summer. We recommend our Battery Tenders, parts 171251 or 171217. Simply connect the Battery Tender to your battery and it maintains the battery charge without any damage or concerns about overcharging or overheating your battery.
FLUIDS: Make sure to top off all fluids including coolant, brake fluid, clutch and transmission, oil and fuel. Always change your oil and filter before placing a car in long-term storage as well.
RODENTS: Any part of a city, suburb or rural area is open to rodent problems, and they can wreak havoc on a Corvette, particularly the plug wires. Certain brands of plug wires (including GM) consist of a vegetable based outer shell which is very appetizing to varmints. To keep them looking elsewhere for their next meal, place mothballs in the engine area. Just donít forget to remove them before starting the car. Regarding tail pipes, place face cloths over each and wrap rubber bands around them.
CAR COVERS: Indoors or outdoors, we recommend covering a car when it will be stored for more than a few months. The type of cover you select should be based on where the car will be stored. A weatherproof cover is a solid choice for indoors or outdoors, but a cotton cover will suffice for indoor-only storage. Corvette Central stocks a nice variety of covers that are tailored for your year and model Corvette.
STARTING THE CAR IN WINTER: We recommend starting your Corvette once a month throughout the winter if possible. This will help circulate the oil rather than letting it sit in the oil pan all winter, exposing cylinder walls and moving parts to possible corrosion. If you do start your vehicle every so often, you should get it up to operating temp in order to get rid of any condensation. The problem there is that just letting sit and idle may not heat up the transmission oil. I have heard that unless you are going to get those fluid levels hot enough to get rid of the condensation, you should not even start the car. 20 to 30 minutes should do it.

Corvette Humor
A man driving a new Corvette stops for a hitch-hiker.  When the door opens a large scruffy looking dog comes running up and tries to jump in.  The Corvette owner asks if the dog belongs to the hitch-hiker and he replies yes.  The Corvette owner tells the guy that he is welcome but not the dog.  The hitch hiker says "no problem...nobody wants my dog in their car so I have trained him to run alongside." and puts a leash on the dog collar.  The Corvette owner says "well OK, it's your dog."  He gets going about 30 mph and the hitch hiker says, "don't worry about it go as fast as you want.. The dog is trained and can keep up."  At about 85 the Corvette owner asks how the dog is doing.  The hitch hiker says "he's trained... you just drive and don't worry about my dog."  At around 120 mph the Corvette guy asks if the dog is still running beside the front wheel.  The hitch hiker says "believe me stop and see for yourself."  The Corvette owner hits the brakes with an agressive stop and walks around to the passenger side.  The dog is barely panting.  Wow that's amazing but I don't remember the big red collar around his neck.  that's not a collar that's his butt...He still has trouble stopping as fast as some of the high performance sports cars.

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